The December Disaster of HMS Neptune

HMS Neptune, lead cruiser of the Royal Navy's Force K, stationed at Malta in 1941

(Revised from a story posted in 2017)  

If you have never heard of the terrible disaster involving the cruiser, HMS Neptune, in the early…

The Gallipoli Crusade

Remembering the Sacrifice of Private George Simms



Oh well I remember that terrible day

When our blood stained the sand and the water

The classic lines appear in And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, a poignant song written by Australian

Remembering the Casualties of the Spanish Civil War


 They looked for me in the cafes, cemeteries, and churches but they did not find me...

 Federco Garcia Lorca


 Eric Ledrew from Lush's Bight, Newfoundland, left home in the spring of 1925 to work as a sailor on the Halifax-New