Sweet Spring


In my dream, I was skipping through Pat Murphy's Meadow 'in the sunny long ago' out by Torbay. The heat of the early morning sun sent me into an ecstasy of song as better-half waltzed towards me through the dandelions.…

Black Magic

April has been a tough month in this wind-swept land. Just when you think you have turned a corner to a sunny springtime, a frigid windy stench emanates from the seat of the Liberal government and in the words of…

The Winter of My Discontent




For the most optimistic amongst us, winter has waned but in the words of the eloquent Sarah Palin, it still rears its head in our airspace from time to time. Nevertheless, it has been a glorious eight months of snow,…

Kirby Hatches the Egg: With Apologies to Dr. Seuss



I now know what Dr. Dale, Minister of Illiteracy, has been reading all those years in preparation for his ascendancy as First Lord of Education in our wind-swept land. The tell-tale hint came several years back when a rumor swept

Over My Dead Body


Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?       ...George W. Bush



While not a great fan of George W., I have always admired his folksy charm and his ability to mangle the English language. I always forgave his faults…

Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the Light...

The thermostat registered five degrees Celsius in the house--an attempt by better-half and I to save on electricity and tax rates and to experiment on energy conservation to see if we can survive the highway robbery that's coming when Dear…


Blame The Victim

"Good morning," my better half always says cheerily as she walks into the kitchen each morning at 8.22 am expecting her coffee and soft boiled egg to be ready on the table.

     "Good morning," I always say, quoting Eeyore from


The Zombie Apocalypse

Just before Christmas, I happened to be following an interview with our dear leader, Duhwite, on the CBC supper-time news hour. Curiously at the end of the show, I could not recall any significant word or phrase that he uttered.


Suddenly a bright light from heaven flashed around me and I fell to the ground...Acts:22.6


It is with great regret that I am now alone in the Long Range. At night one can see the twinkling lights of the

Damn You, Wikileaks


Mantracker. Hot on my Trail

Location: Somewhere in the Long Range Mountains. Newfoundland and Labrador.


     I am awoken at six in the morning by chirpy and gleeful voices outside my bough-wiffen. Such apparent sunny ways especially at this ungodly

Another Dispatch From Beyond The Wall

Conversion on the Road to Damascus

Location: Somewhere in the Annieopsquotch Mountains, Newfoundland and Labrador

     My miniature solar panel enables me to maintain contact via my trusty iPhone with political developments in our fair province. A week of enormous import

A Very Thingish Thing

"When you are a bear of very little brain," said Pooh, "and you think of things, you find sometimes that a thing which seemed very thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has…